Letter to Dad from Betsy

Dear Dad,

          On the occasion of your 80th birthday, I want to express my appreciation for the values you and Mother instilled in me. Most especially I appreciate getting strong doses of the importance of education and of perseverance. I know it was not always easy rearing seven children. But you and Mother certainly did an excellent job - just look at the results - all seven of us have college degrees and jobs and homes. And you have grandchildren.

          I am convinced that the values you and Mother gave me are why I have the life that I do. And I believe that I have had a successful life. I am, in fact, quite content with how my life has gone so far.

          Just look at all the stories John has put together for you and the letters your children have written. And look at all your children. I believe that you can look back over your life and count it a great success.

Much love,

Betsy Cox