A Zach memory

          Leaning over the curb while peering to the right on North Church Street, I decided it wise to forego stepping off the sidewalk 'til identification could be made of an unusual sound coming from that direction. Couldn't see or hear any cars coming my way, but suddenly into view came what certainly appeared to be a sizable horse, stepping smartly along. Yes, it definitely was a horse with someone riding him, and yes, the horse seemed as huge as he looked in the distance. They were not yet close enough for me to recognize the rider. Footnote

          The unexpectedness of seeing a horse coming down the street instead of the usual car or bike, as well as not feeling too comfortable seeing this massive animal heading my way, helped me waste no time in backing up well beyond the sidewalk. And there they were, directly in front of me! Not wanting to make any sudden moves, I tilted my head very slowly far enough back to finally obtain an identifying view of the rider. And there was Zach Cox in full riding regalia, sitting posture-perfect in the saddle on this sleek, reddish brown, enormous (at least to my eyes) animal. Talk about being impressed, not only by the horse, but especially by Zach's apparent nonchalance over this singular mode of travel on North Church Street in Mt. Olive. I well remember his bearing was truly magnificent!

          I think it would be most "fitting" if I could end this memory by saying, "As he rode off into the sunset, he acknowledged my cautious admiration with a nod of his head as horse and rider vanished over the crest of the hill." But, the sun was shining brightly and there was no crest of a hill in sight. But I do remember he acknowledged my prudent respect with a casual wave of his crop. Now, it could well be he expressed his acknowledgment by way of waving his hand instead of a crop. By hand or crop, it is of little matter. My memory is very clear on my feeling that this manner of greeting that day was entirely appropriate. This wasn't a "passing of the time of day" sort of situation. No words were spoken between us.

          Unfortunately, my memory bank does not contain any picture of the actual departure of Zach and his steed. So, with a wave of the crop, this vignette ends!

Happy birthday to you, Zach Cox.

Sara McGee Emerson