Be Like Dad

During the family beach trip in the summer of 1998, Brother John revealed that he had recently had a medical physical and, as part of that, had given the doctor his medical history, including the history of heart disease in the family. Upon hearing this, the doctor asked John how old his father was when he died. John replied that his father was still alive and would be 80 his next birthday. The doctor then recommended that John start doing whatever his father is doing.

So the rest of the family spent the week of the beach trip thinking how John could implement the seemingly simple advice from his doctor. For example, at this stage in his life, it very unlikely that John will have seven children. And John cannot participate in the World War island campaigns in the South Pacific, as Dad did. On the other hand, as Brother-in-law Paul McPeak pointed out, John had four domineering older sisters that Dad did not have. Brother Zach, relying on his experience in Vietnam, proclaimed that having four domineering older sisters made for combat experience right there.

Sisters Laviece and Betsy were highly amused by this blatantly insulting exchange made right in front of them, as was Sister Mary when Betsy repeated it to her later while they were out on the beach. However, Mary said that while she is John's older sister, she is not a DOMINEERING older sister. Shortly thereafter John came out on the beach and sat down beside Mary. Betsy mentioned to John that Mary thinks she is not one of his domineering older sisters. John looked over at Mary. And Mary said to him, "That's because I am not domineering." John quickly replied, “Whatever you say." (Betsy laughed so hard that she fell over backwards on the beach.) 

Elizabeth Ann Cox