A Birthday Poem to Zach Davis Cox, Sr.

By Teddy and Mal Murray


Teddy: We`re looking for our cousin.
Have you seen him anywhere?
He's a real nice-looking fella
with a beard and snow-white hair.
Mal: Wait a minute, wait minute.
I wouldn't call it snow-white.
It`s more salt & pepper white.
Teddy: If mine is snow-white,
then his is snow-white too!
So there -
We really need to find him
`cause this is a special day.
If you should chance to see him,
Please send him down our way.
Refrain: Oh Zach - Oh Zach
Wherever, wherever could he be?
Teddy: Zach has a lot of children
and his children have kids too.
He has siblings, cousins, in-laws,
plus lots of good friends in this zoo.
Mal: Zoo? Zoo!
You call a nice, small gathering
of close relatives and friends a
Zoo? ? ?
Teddy: Well, I didn`t mean anything bad
by calling it a zoo.
I just need a word that rhymed with too.
I was just speaking of all these frisky little creatures
of the humanoid persuasion - you know . . .
Mal: Well - O.K. - I guess.
Teddy: -------- So ask the kids who`s seen him
since his lunch and nice long nap.
I tell you - we must find him -----
or I will blow my cap.
Mal: Your cap? Blow your cap?
Silliest thing I ever heard.
You mean stack - `blow my stack
Teddy: That`s ridiculous -
Stack doesn`t rhyme with nap.
Cap rhymes with nap -
we will stick with cap.
Look! Look! There he is,
right over there.
Now we can deliver our message,
our two-word message -
would the Zoo like to join us?
O.K., all together now -

                     Happy Birthday!