The Chambliss Family

Data dictated to me by Alexander Wiles Chambliss at Montgomery City, Missouri, September 10, 1889.

Dr. Chambliss was at that time an old man and his memory was not good about as to dates and names.


Written out by Thomas Williams Chambliss. From the original manuscript – Wilson, North Carolina, February 25, 1914.


The Chambliss family is probably of French Huguenot descent.

Four brothers originally

      - One settled in Virginia.

      - One in North Carolina.

      - One in Tennessee.

      - One - John - in South Carolina.

JOHN CHAMBLISS - married a Miss Williams, daughter of a Baptist Deacon. They had eight children:

      Thomas --- moved to Montgomery Co., Ala., 1820–left children.

      Polly ---- married Mr. Gaudey–left children.

      Rebecca -- married Mr. Lewis–left children, moved to Montgomery Co., Ala.

      Fannie --- married Mr. Brown–moved to Montgomery Co., Ala.–left children.

      Jemini --- married Mr. Hill.

      Lucy ----- died unmarried.

      daughter - name forgotten–died unmarried.

      John ----- Married Miss Williams–Cousin–moved to Ala. with brother Thomas, as above, record follows.

Note–the brothers, Thomas and John with their sisters and brothers-in-laws, Brown and Lewis, moved in 1820 to Montgomery County Alabama. Settled 12 miles south of Montgomery City, no town then and later they located at the foot of the hill on which the Capitol building was later erected.


JOHN CHAMBLISS, youngest son of John Chambliss and Miss Williams was married CATHERINE WILLIAMS, first cousin, educated at Salem, N.C. Children:

      Delestian Williams Vernon& --------------------- born July 7, 1810.

      Alexander Wiles -------------------------------- born July 4, 1812.

      Elias Divid changed name to David Elias -------- born 1814.

      Catherine Oliver ------------------------------- died in infancy.

      Joseph Whitney --------------------------------- born about 1816 or 1817.

      Mrs. Catherine Williams Chambliss died in Alabama in 1821. She had a brother in Alabama–John C. Williams who married Miss Kirven.

JOHN CHAMBLISS–above--married a second wife MRS. SARAH PEIRCE

          Two children:

                     Catherine Oliver, married John B. Weldon, Center, Ala., abt. 1842.

                     Louisa–born 1824–married Col. D. O. Jones, Canton, Miss., 1857.

JOHN CHAMBLISS–above–married a third wife MRS. McCOLLOUGH–about 1851

          One child–

                     Alexander Wiles (?} born about 1852.


Note– in 1889– Mrs. McCollough was living in Centerville, Ala., Bibb County and was the wife of a Baptist minister, name not known to A.W.C.


ALEXANDER WILES CHAMBLISS, son of John Chambliss and Catherine.

          married to

REBECCA ANN ELLERBE, daughter of Joseph Ellerbe (see page 3. Ellerbe Family)

     Married at Cheraw, South Carolina, August 5, 1834.


          Williams Ellerbe–b-2-2-36-married-Louisa J. Jones, dau D.O. Jones, see above.

Hannah Elizabeth-b-6-3-38-married William Douglas Roy–married again–Lewis P. Gray.

          John Alexander-b-6-30-40-married-Anna Mauldin.

          Joseph Ellerbe-born-2-10-43-married-Laviece Gwin-Jan. 17, 1865.

          Rebecca Ann-b-11-14-45-married to J. W. Luke.

          Thomas Ellerbe-b-6-9-48-lived 15 days.

Catherine Adele-b-12-6-49-married to John G. Donohue-later married J. P. Royall, Liberty

          Charles Mallory-b-9-3-53-married twice. (Montana.)



Mrs. Rebecca Ann Ellerbe Chambliss died at Liberty, Mo., Sunday, March 4, 1883, aged 69 years, 8 months and 9 days.


          married the second wife.

ANN ELIZABETH BISHOP ELLERBE, daughter of Joseph Ellerbe, see page 2 “Ellerbe Family”, marriage at St. Paul, Minn. Nov. 15, 1883.

          No children:

Alexander Wiles Chambliss died at Montgomery City, Missouri late in the fall of 1893–about December.


JOSEPH ELLERBE CHAMBLISS, son of A. W. and Rebecca Chambliss


LAVIECE GWIN, daughter of David S. and Francis Jan Thomas Beckham Gwin,

          Married January 17, 1865 and the ceremony was at Rome, Georgia.


                     Thomas Williams-b, Aiken, S.C., March 12, 1866.

                     Joseph Ellerbe-b, 1868–lived a few months.

                     Edward Lawrence, b, Baltimore, MD, January 26, 1870.

                     Francis Gwin, born, Camden, N.J., August 31, 1872.

                     Marion Spencer, born Camden, N.J. July

                     Mattie Lee, born Kansas City, Missouri.

                     Joseph Ellerbe, born Kansas City, lived only few hours.

                     Laviece Gwin, born Kansas City, Missouri.

                     Frances Viola, born Kansas City, Missouri.

                     Julia Rebecca, born Eufaula, Ala.

                     Rubenia Grigsby, born St. Louis, Mo.


Laviece Gwin Chambliss died at Gallatin Missouri . . . July 20, 1897–death resulting from burns.


          married a second wife,

.......................... married at ............................

Joseph Ellerbe Chambliss died Sunday, July 9, 1916 at Stoutland, Missouri.

THE CHAMBLISS FAMILY – continued – page 4

THOMAS WILLIAMS CHAMBLISS, son of Joseph Ellerbe and Laviece Gwin Chambliss


MAMIE BEALL COTTINGHAM, dau Edward Everett and Sue Beall Cottingham.

          At Independence, Missouri, Monday, November 2, 1891.

          Rev. R. K. Maiden, officiating.


                     Clive Ellerbe–born–Independence, Missouri, Monday, July 17, 1893.

                     Laviece Mae Gwin, born Mexico, Missouri, Wednesday, April 17,1895.

                                Clive born 11:30 A.M. – Laviece born 3:20 A.M.

          Note—Clive Ellerbe weighed 5 ½ pounds – Laviece weighed 6 ½ pounds.


CLIVE ELLERBE CHAMBLISS, son of Thomas Williams and Mamie Beall Cottingham Chambliss died Wednesday, April Ten Nineteen Eighteen, at Asheville, North Carolina. Brief illness of five days, pneumonia. Burial at Asheville.

- - - - - - - - -

Mrs. Sue Beall Cottingham, mother of Mrs. Mamie Beall Cottingham Chambliss died of pneumonia at Buffalo, N.Y., October 2, 1916.