Letter to Helen McWhorter from Davis Lee McWhorter




I. Henry McWhorter (abt 1735 - 1800) - Lived on Octora Creek, Colerain Township, Lancaster County, Penna. Moved to Virginia about 1771, - to

North Carolina about 1774 - below Charlotte. Finally moved to

Abbeville County, South Carolina after Revolution.

Henry McWhorter was a soldier in French and Indian War

and his father was probably the Moses McWhorter

in the same company of Lancaster County, Penna. men.

Name of Henry's wife was not found, but

his mother is believed to have been a ------- Marlin.

Henry had five sons and two daughters.

          Moses - Jeremiah - Aaron - George - Henry, Jr.

          1 daughter married a Bird, 1 daughter m. a Calhoun.

Moses is our ancestor, stayed in Virginia, when the rest of

the family moved to North Carolina. Later moved to So. Car.

          Jeremiah, Aaron & George were Revolutionary Soldiers

in the same company of South Carolina troops under Capt. Jacob Barnett. These three and Henry, Jr. later moved to Middle Tennessee

and raised families in Tennessee. Know very little

about the sisters who married a Bird and a Calhoun.

II. Moses McWhorter m(1) name unknown. Had 3 sons

          Moses, Jr. - Landon - John. m(2) Elizabeth Puckett,

          daughter of Daniel Puckett of Virginia. Had five children

          George Allen - Sally Douglas - Daniel Puckett - Allen Marlin - Jane Allen.

Moses was said by some descendants to have been Presby. minister.

His will in Edgefield County, South Carolina was probated in 1797.

He lived in Virginia during the Revolutionary and may have

been a soldier, but no records were found. Probably was born about 1755. Have traced the families of most of the 8 children

of Moses McWhorter. They moved to Tennessee, Georgia,

Alabama, and Mississippi. Only John stayed in South Carolina.

Rev. Allen Marlin McWhorter (1795 -186?)

m 1819 Elizabeth Anne Baker (daughter of

Elijah Baker and Mrs. Beersheba Caudle Cain, a widow)

of Abbeville County, South Carolina.

Moved to Carroll County, Georgia about 1830.

They had five sons and one daughter.

          Elijah Harvey - Beersheby Elizabeth - James Alcorn -

          Egbert Beall - Abbott Milton -

Uncle Harvey m. twice, had 14 children and lived in Carroll Co. GA

Aunt Beersheby m. Michael Aderhold and had about five children and died when  children were small. Her husband married again Uncle Harvey's

          oldest daughter, Drusilla, his first wife's niece.

Uncle James was a physician. He had a mental

          disease and died in young manhood. His

          widow remarried and took his two boys to Illinois.

Uncle Egbert raised his family of 9 or ten

          children in Carroll County, Georgia. He

          died about age 40.

Uncle Wesley was youngest child. He moved

          away first to Alabama and then

          Mississippi, and finally near Little Rock, Ark.

          He had nine children I was told, but

          only about two grandsons named


Great Grandfather Allen Marlin McWhorter was a

Methodist Minister. Cousin Drusilla Aderhold said

he was converted at a camp meeting. My mother was

told that he went to school an academy at Lebanon, Tennessee

to a school conducted by his father's cousin, George Marlin McWhorter.

Dr. Abbott Milton McWhorter (1828 -1892)

m Mahala June Davis (1833-1898). She was

the daughter of Jesse Davis and Mahala Harris. The family

had moved to Alabama from Anderson, S.C.

 Jesse Davis kept a store and died soon after moving

to Alabama. His widow got a pension for his

services in the War of 1812. She moved with her

family to Carroll County, Georgia. (From Alabama.)

My grandparents had nine children. He was a

physician and lived in Gaylesville, Alabama.

1.       Milton. m. Lizzie Yeargin. Lived in California. 4 children

                     Dora - May - Horace - Fleming

2.       Dora - m. Col Charles Rattray of the Union Army. They lived in

          Cherokee County, Alabama. Had 7 children

                     Blanche - Ethel - Charles - Milton - Malcolm - Leon - Herbert.

3.       Della - married Joe Roberts. Lived in Collinsvile, Ala. She was

          left a widow and taught music for a living.

                      Jessie - Ruth - Joe

4.       Horace m. -------- 1st. Naomi Beasor.(2nd)

          Was a physician at Collinsville, Ala. Had 7 children

                     Lamar - Jerome - Milton - Luther - Mary - Naomi - Elizabeth

5.       Zach Davis McWhorter (1862 - 1927) - Teacher in Eastern, NC. m. Anna Lee Nelson of Bethel, N.C. Had 7 children

                     Winnie - Bershie - Davis - Paul - Abbott - Zach - Malcolm

                     Eugenia - Florence - Lee - Nelson - Milton - Duncan - Hubert

6.       Bob McWhorter - m 1st Effie McConnell m 2nd Gussie Wheeler.

          Had 3 children to live by 1st wife: Hobart - Paul Kerr - Heynie Haynie.

          Was a physician of Gaylesville, Ala.

7.        Jessie Lenora m 1st ------- (no children) 2nd Tom Barnes.

          Her 2nd husband was a banker from Attaller, Alabama.

                     Nat - Horace - Tom - Sam - Jessie Len.

8.       Euclid m Brent Hodges. Methodist Minster.

          California & Haslinn [?] North Carolina 3 children

                      Jane - Ruth - Euclid Jr.

9. Bershie Florence - d. meningitis, aged 11 years.