Disclaimer and Acknowledgments

          These collected stories are not intended to be and in fact are not definitive descriptions of historical events. They are only written down recollections of oral stories told in our family. Further, these stories were never intended to be recitations of historical facts, but rather were vehicles which our parents and grandparents used to pass down their values to the younger generation. The facts may have been (and most probably were) fudged in order to sharpen the lesson being taught. Further compounding the historical inaccuracy of these stories is that they were constructed from bits and pieces of my memory. While they were circulated for review among my siblings and cousins, except where an author is listed, I supplied the narrative that tied together these bits and pieces. Any deviations from historical fact or any unflattering descriptions of events or persons living or dead contained in the narrative I added should not be ascribed either to the original story teller or to any of my siblings or cousins who reviewed the story. They should be attributed to me. Any such deviations from historical fact or unflattering portrayals were not deliberate, but unintentionally resulted from my feeble efforts to translate our joint oral history into a written form. I sincerely apologize to any and all persons who are offended by anything they read in these stories.

          These stories come to you printed on three-hole punch paper. While I recommend the purchase of a three-ring binder for their storage, [If you print the web version the 'spiral-binder' background graphic effect should not give you any trouble (zdc)] I will leave the actual purchase of a binder to you. The reason the pages are three-holed punched is so that the stories you write in the future can be easily inserted into to this collection. And I encourage you to do so. Remembering, writing, collecting, and reading these stories has been the most fun I have had in many years. Those of you who have not already done so, I urge you to try it and have some of the fun I have experienced. The only advice on writing I can offer is to remember that these are family tall tales, and are neither expected nor meant to be serious historical or literary documents. However, just as I have given you a copy of these stories, please send me a copy of your stories.

          Any attempt to list the persons who contributed to this collection of stories would result in a volume that would be essentially indistinguishable in length and content from the collection itself. So in place of the usual acknowledgments, please consider the stories contained herein to themselves be an acknowledgment of the debt which I owe my friends and relatives. Notwithstanding the foregoing, special acknowledgment should go to my sisters, Laviece and Mary, for both composing stories for this collection and providing comments and suggestions on the stories I wrote. In particular, Mary’s suggestions and comments on both the technical and stylistic deficiencies in my writing are deeply appreciated. If you think these stories are difficult to read now, you should have seen them before I incorporated Mary’s comments.


John N. Cox

July 10, 1999

Zach D. Cox, Jr

December 1st, 2002 [Web Version]

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