Letter to Eileen Tyler McWhorter from R. L. Cox, Sr.

Mt. Olive, NC

Jan 30, 1967

Dear Eileen:

          May I express my appreciation for a very pleasant visit in your home last Monday night. I enjoyed your fellowship, and your good food. Thanks for everything you did to make my visit comfortable. 

          I also had a good visit with Bershie & Gilchrist. They too “went all out” to make my stay with them pleasant. Bershie could not find another person to play bridge with us, – so we played “three handed” bridge as you taught me at your house. Bershie liked it real well, and even more since she came out with top score. It’s always important for Bershie to win high score.

          As you know, I stopped by for about 10 minutes on my way back Thursday PM and spoke with Davis. I could not wait for your arrival, since I wanted to get back to Mt. Olive before nightfall. Otherwise I would have waited for you to get back. I hope you understand.

          When I got back, Zach had had an attack of angina and Dr. Shackleford had put him to bed for a week – and longer if his later diagnosis justifies it. The Dr. said that he had not yet had a heart attack, but might have one if he continued to work at his present pace. So the Doctor put him in bed as a precautionary measure. He is of course taking medication to alleviate the angina symptoms.

          This morning Jimmie wanted to get an early breakfast, so that he could go down to the store and work some for his Daddy before time to go to school. He set the alarm clock for 6 o’clock. I got up and fixed our breakfasts and when we had finished eating, we looked at the clock and it was 5:30, and still dark. Jim had inadvertently set the alarm for 5 instead of 6 o’clock. So we had an extra hour on our hands. But it was not wasted. We had our usual morning devotion, and Jim read the entire 13th chapter of John, which is a real long chapter. It had something to say about the Devil and his place in the scheme of things, about Judas who had been “fore-ordained” as the betrayer, and about Peter and his impetuosity, – and other religious philosophy. I asked questions and raised issues for discussion. Jim launched out, without fear of the depth, and I was surprised and thrilled at his knowledge and sound ideas, and logical conclusions. He really held up his end of the argumentation and without being rash or impudent. Jim is a fine young man, with a broad mind and keen intellect. Must close.

                                                     Love & good wishes for you always,

                                                     R. L. Cox