Mt. Olive, NC

                                                 August 10, 1963

Mr. Ashley P. Cox

Hopeville, GA

Dear Mr. Cox,

         Thank you for your letter

and I will be glad to give you

such information relative to the

Cox and Marlow Families as I have,

which is necessarily sketchey and

may be more or less inaccurate.

The Cox & Marlow families in the

Camp Swamp Community are closely

related, but intermarried. My Father,

John Needham Cox, Jr., had two sisters

who married their double first cousin

two Marlow brothers: Mary Cox married

Albert Marlow and Martha Cox

married John Marlow (Parents of Maxie

Marlow and Callie, a sister

of Albert & John, married my father’s

brother, George Pinkney Cox. All

al double first cousins. Quite a

bit of intermarriage for one family.)

I feel sure that my father’s sister,

Martha, was named after your


         I cannot give you very much information

about the Marlow line. But my father’s mother

was Elizabeth Marlow (Born 1822 or 23 died 1899)

She had a Bro. Named Reuben Marlow, who was

Father of Albert & John who married

her daughters Mary & Martha. And Reuben

Marlow married a Butler, who was half


sister of my grandfather, John Needham Cox


         I can remember Jesse Cox th

Jesse Marlow, the Methodist preacher

in Columbus Co. But I doubt if

he was a bro to your great

grandmother (1824), - as Jesse Marlow

was bout the same age as my

Father (Born in 1854), - but I am

sure he is of the same family,

as we always called him Uncle

Jesse Marlow, though he was not a

real uncle, but was a close relative.

         On a separate sheet, I am

sending you information from

my grandfather, John Needham Cox, Sr.

Bible. And on another sheet information

from my Father John Needham Cox, Jr. Bible

         Just before my Father died (1933)

he and my mother, gave me some

information which may not

help you much, but may be of

some interest to you in tieing your

notes together.

         My Father said that his Father

told him that: -

The Cox Family came from England

and settled in Virginia. Later John Cox,

one of 5 brothers, moved south from

Virginia and settled on the lower

Waccamaw River. Each of the other


5 sons settled as follows:- on settled on

Tar River in Pitt County; one settled

in Wayne County on Neuse River (I

know and have talked with many of the

Coxes in Wayne County and I feel

sure that my grandfather’s father

came from the Wayne County Line);

one settled in Marlboro County

S.C. on Great Pee Dee River in the

area of Bennettsville SC. There is

still a big family here bearing the

Cox name. And one of the brothers

went west and settled in Ohio.

          According to my Father (1854) -

The first named John Cox moved into

the Waccamaw country, and went

into the cypress shingle business and

married a young woman from a Bellamy

family. They had a son named

Jesse Cox + Martha Stanley or Stanaland (Jesse S. Marlow + Mary Butler)


My Grand -       John Needham Cox, Sr. + Elizabeth Marlow


D.Lamar-Eliza- Marshall J. - Jesse S. - John Needham Jr. Geo. P. - Mary - Dillon - Martha

    + + + +       ⇓ ⇓ ⇓ (Never

Hardy - Daniel Butler - Fanny Butler - Died Young                                                   Married)

Geo. P + Collie Marlow

Mary + Albert Marlow

Martha + John Marlow

                                                     John Needham Cox + Mary Perline Inman⇓


   (1882)                           (1884)                                   (1888)                            (1893)

Headley M.       -           (Dr.) Grover S.               - Robert L.                 -           Allen M.

    +                                              +                                                 +                                                 +

English              Carmichael                               McWhorter                              Smoot

4 children                       2 sons                                         2 sons & 1 Daughter                                       one



         My Mother’s line come

like this: -

         Hardy Inman + Charity William ❘❘ Charlie Balwin + Amelia McNeill


B-1822        Allen Inman                    +                 Calista Baldwin


         Both the Inman & Baldwin families

grew up around White & Lake Waccamaw.

My Grandfather, Allen Inman, settled

at Iron Hill N.C. about 16 miles south

of Whiteville, where he engaged in

farming & Turpentine business. Although

married and having big family, he served

 in Confederate Forces at Fort Fisher, NC

he, as young man had learned Tailor’s

trade, and while in service at Fort

Fisher, made uniforms for Col. Lamb,

Com. Of Fort Fisher. He was there at

fall of fort, but I do not think he

was captured, but escaped and went

home to his wife & children.

         About all I can tell you about

the Marlow family is that Jesse

Marlow who married Mary Butler, was

my great Grandfather. I do not know

but two of his children. My grandmother,

Elizabeth C. Marlow and a son Reuben

Marlow, who was father of Albert,

John J., Frank, Wingate, George, Callie,

and Marshall Marlow. The old family

home stood near Maxie Marlow’s home,

whom you visited. The old home I

remember seeing as a boy. It was of


of split, hewed, pine logs about 4

inches thick and 12 inches wide

morticed together at the corners, a

covered with cypress shingles. The logs

were fat lightwood, and it would be

standing today, and for another 100

years, if it had had some repair, and

left standing. My grandfather’s home

was of the same construction, but

was torn down and burned for

firewood. What a pity!

         The Marlow family cemetery is located

about ½ mile from Maxie Marlow’s

present home, where a great many

Marlows and Butlers are buried.

Most of the old grave markers

were hewed slabs of fat lightwood, and

went away with time. But I remembered

seeing some of them, as a small boy.

         Most of the original settlers in the

Camp Swamp Community were

Coxes, Butlers & Marlows. They are

are all kin, and inter married

very frequently. It would take a Philadelphia

lawyer to unravel all the lines

and cross lines. But I have heard

my grandfather John N. Cox, Sr., say that

he and Elizabeth C. Marlow were

not related.

         I hope all this will be of some

help & of interest to you.

         When ever you can, come to

Mt. Olive to visit Us. Best wishes R. L. Cox

         Below is record from my Grandfather’s

Bible -


B.1824        John Needham Cox, Sr. of Columbia Co. N.C.



B.1823        Elizabeth C. Marlow of Columbus Co. N.C.


         were married Feb. 20 1844.

         marriage performed by John G. Bellamy, Esq.

         Witnesses   - Michael Sellers

                             - Susanna Sellers


   D. Lamar Cox -  Born      9/10/1846+          Married  Ann C. Hardy                     4/10/1868

   Eliza C. Cox                   2/15/1848+                   Daniel M. Butler                 1/23/1878

   Marshall J. Cox              11/16/1849+                 Francis C. Butler                3/5/1823

   Jesse S. Cox                 1/20/1852 +                                      (Died Young)

☒ John N. Cox, Jr.•            9/21/1854 +                        Mary P. Inman                   12/4/1879

   Geo. P. Cox                   5/12/1857 +                        Mary Callie Marlow            3/23/1883

   Mary E. Cox                   8/7/1859 +                         Wm. Albert Marlow             5/12/1878

   Dillon E. Cox                  10/8/1861 +                                      (Never married. Died at about 42 of Typhoid fever.)

   Martha E. Cox                8/18/1864 +                                      John J. Marlow                   4/10/1881

☒ My Father

P.S. My Grandmother

R. L. Cox

116 Jurney St.

Mt. Olive NC

Elizabeth C. Marlow

may have been born

in 1822. Bible does

not record date birth.

But she died (record) 8/3/1899

and she was 76 or 77 yrs.

old when she died.

         I think she and your great Grandmother (1824)

may have been sisters.

                                                           Aug 13 1963

         Below is record from my Father’s

family Bible.

         John Needham Cox, Jr. of Columbus Co. N.C.

         and Mary P. Inman of             • N.C.

         Were married on Dec. 4, 1879 at Iron Hill NC


         BirthsJohn Needham Cox, Jr.            Born            9/21/1854

                   Mary P. Inman (wife)                                  11/1/1854


                   Headley M. Cox                        Born            3/21/1882

                   Grover S. Cox                                             11/19/1884

                   Robert L. Cox                                             6/27/1888

                   Allen M. Cox                                               7/9/1893


         Headley M. Cox + “Frank” English                        10/20/1915

         Robert L. Cox + Winnie E. McWhorter                   8/30/1916

         Allen M. Cox + Everett Smoot                                6/6/1923

         Dr Grover S. Cox + Annie E. Carmichael               8/2/1925

                                                           Robert L. Cox

                                                           Aug 13, 1963

                             Mt. Olive NC

                             Aug 13, 1963

Dear Mr. Cox -

         I meant to say in my

other letter that I remember your

grandfather, Ravenwood Cox, and heard

my father speak of him. I do

not recall that they claimed to

be related. But I suspect that

they came from the same

family line. As I recall it,

your grandfather Ravenwood

liv lived in the Ebenezer

(Methodist) Church section, -

or the Buck Creek (Baptist)

Church sections of Horry

County S.C.

                             R. L. Cox