Winnie and the Red Cross

From a letter to John N. Cox from Mrs. Willie Olliver

          I was nineteen years old when I came to Mount Olive to live with Mother Mable and family. Some days I would walk to visit her at your grandparents’(Robert and Winnie Cox) home. They were always so nice to me.

          One of the most unforgettable gifts Mrs. Cox gave us I shall always cherish in my heart. Mable’s son and my husband, Valla, was on his way to the Korean War. I had just given birth to our first child, Valeria at the Henderson-Crumpler Clinic. Mrs. Cox contacted the Red Cross and requested that Valla be allowed to come home and see our new baby and me. It was a beautiful surprise and gift to us. Valla got to see our baby before he went to Korea for a year. It was a miracle and a great gesture Mrs. Cox did for us.

          Mother Mable was like a mother to me. When I think of her, I think of the Book of Ruth and Naomi. We had a beautiful relationship and she inspired me to become a Christian wife and mother.

          Mable would be proud of all of you. Hoping and praying you will have a great celebration of your father’s eightieth birthday.

Mrs. Willie Olliver