Father Cox

          Father Cox was a salesman, as was my father. Both men had lots of personality and talent and reminded me of each other. My father loved music and liked to sing and play his guitar and the piano, and Father Cox loved to entertain with his little stories.

          I remember when Bob and I were first married, Father Cox told us the one and only risque story I ever heard him tell. He said that when he was a boy money was scarce, and people tried to use what they had and seldom threw anything away. Flour came in cloth bags, and this cloth was used to make men’s underwear. On their wedding night a young couple were getting ready for bed, and as the groom undressed there it was on the front of his pants, “Self-rising.”

          I looked at Bob, and he looked at me, and we were both embarrassed, but Father Cox chuckled and laughed and laughed.

Gerie Coburn Cox