Articles from the Eastern Reflector

Editor and Publisher: D. J. Whichard

December 2, 1885 - Bethel Letter: . . . Prof. Z. D. McWhorter has a splendid school at the Academy, and from what we learn the parents as well as the pupils are highly pleased with him as a teacher. S. G. W. Footnote

April 7, 1886 - Bethel Letter: . . . It was you correspondent’s pleasure to visit the school of Prof. Z. D. McWhorter on Friday. We first entered the senior department, which is in charge of Miss Bettie Blair of Danville, Va. She has about 40 pupils and, of course, has to work very hard. A visit to her school room convinces one that she is an excellent teacher. We next visited the junior department (where so many pretty girls are.) It was an evening pleasantly spent, the readings and recitations being very interesting. Misses Annie Nelson and Lula Barnhill did splendidly. Footnote

We would like to speak of other young ladies in this school, and doubtless would if we could hear them read. The school is so arranged that only part are called to read and recite pieces in the Friday evening exercises. S. G. W.

May 18, 1887 - Greenville Institute: We learn that Prof. Z. D. McWhorter, Principal of Bethel Academy, will become associate principal of Greenville Institute at the opening of the Fall term. We congratulate Prof. Puckett in securing the assistance of so competent a man. Prof. McWhorter was educated at Vanderbilt University, ans has taught successfully several years in his county.

January 4, 1893: Prof. Z. D. McWhorter, principal of Greenville Institute the past year and a half, has moved to Bethel and taken charge of Bethel Academy.